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4 Tips To Help Give Your Business Efficient Cooling Designs With The Right Cooling Tower Systems

If you own a business in an area with dry summers, you may be looking for an energy-efficient solution for your summer cooling needs. Evaporative coolers can be a good solution for the needs of your business. For commercial cooling systems, these are usually cooling towers that provide an efficient solution for commercial needs. The following tips will help improve the efficiency of your business with the right tower systems for evaporative cooling: 

1. Evaporative Cooling Tower Sizes and Designs to Provide Efficient Commercial Cooling  

The first thing you will want to consider is the size of your evaporative cooling tower. The towers can be made of more durable synthetic materials instead of treated wood fibers and metal that has been used in the past. If you have a medium-sized building, the cooling tower can be large, but for bigger buildings, you may need an evaporative cooling system that uses a series of cooling towers to provide an efficient solution for the needs of your business.  

2. Updating Commercial Cooling Towers with More Efficient Pumps, Pipes, and Renewable Energy  

Commercial cooling towers need pumps and pipes to distribute the water or other fluids over fabric materials. These systems need to be efficient to provide effective and energy-efficient evaporative cooling. First, you may want to consider options like pumps that are powered by solar energy. In addition, you will want to consider the size of pipes that carry the fluids to the tower and to the fiber material surfaces. This should be a combination of efficient pumps and pipes to provide effective evaporative cooling to your business.  

3. The Importance of Fiber Materials and Surfaces to Maximize the Evaporation and Cooling of Towers 

Inside the cooling tower, fluids flow over a fiber or fabric material. The surface of the fiber must be big enough to allow the fluids to evaporate and the air to cool. Therefore, it is important to use the right type of fiber medium in the design of your cooling tower system.  

4. Fans, Ductwork and Ventilation Systems That Deliver the Cool Air from The Tower to Keep Your Business Comfortable  

Lastly, the evaporation happens when hot dry air is pushed through the tower. This needs to be done by a highly efficient lightweight fan made of synthetic materials. When the evaporation of the fluids in the cooling tower removes the heat, the cool air can then be recirculated in the building through a more conventional ventilation system of ductwork.  

These are some tips that will help give your business an efficient cooling system for the needs of your business with evaporative cooling towers. If you are ready to update your business with an efficient cooling solution, contact a company offering cooling tower products to get the materials you need for this type of cooling system.