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What Is Custom Shaped Wire And Why Should You Use It?

Wire is an important component in many manufacturing processes. Lengths of wire are bent and formed into end-user products that are sold on the consumer market. The shape of the wire being used during manufacturing can have a direct impact on the quality and durability of the finished product.

More and more manufacturers are making the choice to invest in custom shaped wire to meet precise production needs.

What is Custom Shaped Wire?

To truly appreciate the benefit of using custom shaped wire instead of standard wire, you need to know what custom shaped wire is. As its name implies, custom shaped wire is lengths of wire that have been produced in the exact shape specifications needed for a given project.

Both the shape and the gauge of the wire can be controlled during production to meet exact dimensions and specifications. This allows you to ensure that your raw materials will not throw off the design of your final products.

What Shapes are Available?

Custom shaped wire is available in many unique design profiles. This makes it easy to source custom wire for your manufacturing needs. Some of the more common shape profiles for custom wire orders include half round, flat or rectangular, and square.

The ability to request extreme shapes is available to manufacturers who need a specific wire to do a specific job. Extreme shapes for custom wire can include T-shaped wire, diamond wire, and trapezoid shaped wire. No matter what profile you need to make your project work, you can find custom shaped wire to get the job done.

What are the Benefits of Custom Shaped Wire?

Your manufacturing plant can enjoy many benefits when making the switch from traditional wire to custom shaped wire inputs. One of the greatest benefits is a reduction in production costs. Traditional wire usually has to undergo machining before product manufacturing can begin.

The machining process is designed to create the wire profile needed to achieve the desired results once the product is complete. You can eliminate the need for machining, and the costs that go along with it, when you make the switch to custom shaped wire inputs for all manufacturing and production runs completed in your facility.

Take the time to explore whether or not your facility can benefit from custom shaped wire. Using a wire with the exact profile and dimensions required can reduce production time and help keep manufacturing costs low.

For more information, reach out to a professional wire company, such as Precision Wire Shapes, Inc.