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Different Jobs That A Structural Steel Erection Company Will Do On Your Job Site

If you are working with a structural steel erection company to have a steel building project done, then you might be wondering about what, exactly, they will be doing. These are a few examples of the different jobs that structural steel erection crew members typically do while they're working on these types of job sites. 

Lifting Steel Components

First of all, you might notice that your structural steel erection company will set up cranes and hoists when they arrive at your job site. This is because large structural steel components are often way too big and heavy for anyone to take care of by hand. Using cranes, hoists, and other similar equipment, however, the structural steel erection company should be able to easily move large structural steel components around the job site, and they should be able to lift them into place.

Assembling Steel Components

When the construction process first begins for your steel structure, you might feel as if the job site just looks like a random collection of metal parts. Once the structural steel erection crew starts doing their job, however, you will probably notice that everything will start coming together pretty quickly. After all, one of the primary jobs that a structural steel erection company does is assembling steel components. Basically, they can follow your building plans and make seemingly simple steel beams and other steel parts start to look like the structure that you had in mind when you first started planning your building project.

Using Bolts

If you are wondering about how structural steel buildings are assembled and held together, you should know that there are a few different techniques that are used by structural steel erection companies. For example, many of these companies use bolts to hold different structural steel parts together. You might be surprised when you see just how large and heavy-duty these bolts are. This is because the bolts are designed to be very durable, strong, and long-lasting.

Using Welding Techniques

Lastly, bolts might not be used for the entire structural steel building project. In many cases, some of the workers who work for structural steel erection companies are trained to use welding equipment, and they weld some of the parts together during the construction process.

Of course, the exact techniques that will be used during the structural steel construction process will depend on your building plans and the company that you hire. Overall, though, you can probably expect the structural steel erection company that you work with to perform some or all of the tasks above.