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Water Well Installation Information Homeowners Should Know

When a homeowner is needing to provide their home with a self-sufficient source of water, a well may be the only practical option. Yet, water well drilling is a poorly understood process, and this can make it seem like it will be more challenging than it may actually be.

Why Would You Need To Have A New Water Well Drilled?

Individuals will often fail to consider that there can be times when their current water well needs to be replaced. This will involve drilling a new water well in a new location. The most obvious source of needing to replace the water well is due to the underground water source being depleted. However, the well shaft becoming unstable can be another reason for needing to drill a new water well. While it may seem like replacing the current well will always be much easier due to the contractor knowing where the underground water source is located, it is impossible to effectively predict the exact contours of the underground water source.

How Long Will The Well Drilling And Installation Process Take?

Well drilling and installations can vary significantly. For example, a water well drilling contractor may be able to tap into the water source the first time that they try to drill. However, it may also take them multiple efforts before they are able to effectively tap into the underground water. This can be one of the most impactful factors in determining the amount of time it will take for the new water well to be installed. One this is done and the well shaft has been braced, the rest of the installation may only take a few hours, but this will rely on there needing to be minimal trenching dug for the plumbing connection to the home.

Are Water Wells A Safe Addition To Your Property?

Fears about the safety of adding a water well to the property is another issue that may color your decision. In the past, well systems would have an opening that was relatively large and open. However, modern water wells are much more narrow. In fact, most are likely to be a little more than a foot in diameter. This can reduce the risk of individuals or pets falling in the well. Additionally, these wells will be connected to a pumping system, which will close the opening of the well. Together, these factors can allow you to add a modern water well system to your property with confidence.