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Add Fixed Louver Panels To Doors In Your Home

A set of paneled closet doors that contain wooden slats that open and close can tempt your child to play with the materials. This could result in them accidentally pinching one or more of their fingers or a wooden slat coming loose from the framework. If you appreciate louvered styles due to the ventilation that they provide, a fixed section that contains unmovable wooden pieces is a good alternative to movable wooden slats.

Choose Matched Wood Or Contrasting Panels

If the closet doors are constructed of a single type of wood and you want the fixed louver sections to match the framework or solid panels that encompass the doors, measure the sections that contain movable wooden slats and purchase fixed louver panels that are manufactured with the same wood variety. Screws or bolts will be needed to secure each panel.

Before attaching the pieces, clean the framework that the panels will be enclosed in. For a dual-toned door, purchase a different wood variety or use wood stain to enhance the louvered sections. Metal louvers are another option for a dual-tone door style and the silver or gold color of the product will contrast with the woodwork that surrounds it.

Install Louvers In A Solid Door

Louvered sections aren't reserved solely for doors that were manufactured with this particular style. Louvers can be added to a solid door and can increase ventilation in other parts of your home. Choose a louvered section for your master bathroom door or an entryway to your home. Before adding a cutout to a door, a door will need to be removed from its hinges.

Prop a door up onto a set of sawhorses. Use a pencil or a marker to outline the area that the louvered panel will be added to. Use a circular saw to cut through the door. Remove the piece of wood and sand the interior walls that will surround the louvered section. After treating rough surfaces and disposing of sawdust, line up the louvered panel and press it into the outline in the door. Use one bolt or screw to secure each corner of the louvered section.

Brighten up the original woodwork that surrounds the panel by adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to both sides of the wood. Brush a clear sealant across both sides of the door. Complete the same renovation steps for any other solid doors that are going to contain louvered sections. Contact a business for more information about louvers for doors.