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Do You Need A Glass Railing For Your Deck?

Decks can significantly improve the function of your outdoor living space. Railings are paired with elevated decks to help guard against accidental falls.

You have a wide range of options available to you when it comes to selecting your deck railing materials. Homeowners have opted for vinyl and wood in the past, but glass railing is becoming increasingly popular in today's residential market.

Do you need a glass railing for your deck? Learn more about glass railings so you can decide if these systems are right for your home.

You Love Your View

Elevated decks can offer a spectacular view of the landscape surrounding your home. If you love the view from your deck, a glass railing system is a great option. Glass railings don't obstruct your view like vinyl or wood might.

You can still enjoy the fall protection a railing is meant to offer, but you can maintain a 360-degree view while you are seated on your deck. Glass railing is the perfect option for homeowners who spend a lot of time looking past their deck and enjoying the surrounding country.

You Want to Increase Safety

Another reason homeowners might opt to install a glass railing on their deck is to improve the overall safety of the space.

Traditional railing materials do not create a solid barrier. Openings between slats can provide enough room for a child or small pet to fall through. If your deck is elevated high above the ground, these accidental falls could be deadly.

Glass railing systems are designed to eliminate any openings between the surface of your deck and the top of the railing. This type of solid barrier will increase the overall safety of your deck and make the space more functional for people and animals alike.

You Don't Like Maintenance

Regular maintenance is needed to keep deck railing systems in good condition. Wood railing needs to be sealed or painted regularly, while vinyl railing can split or crack when exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Glass deck railing, however, is a low-maintenance alternative.

All you have to do is spray down the surface of the glass with some water to keep it clean. There is no ongoing maintenance required to keep your glass deck railing functional and attractive.

The material you select for your deck railing can determine how enjoyable your outdoor living space will be over time. Make the switch to a glass railing system if you love your view, value safety, and want to reduce your maintenance requirements in the future.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries glass baluster deck railing kits.