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Nozzle And Fill Media Issues And Replacement Materials

Nozzle and fill media failures can result from the improper distribution of water. If calcium or other minerals build up on the surface of a nozzle or in between fluting that comprises media fills, the proper water and air ratio won't be maintained. This could result in water not cooling down as needed.

The Nozzle Output

During a routine inspection, the water output should be assessed. Removing nozzles from the tower will allow access to splash plates and the interior material that surrounds the opening of each nozzle. Cleaning each nozzle and the piping attachments should be conducted. Afterward, an inspection should be performed. If the water output is still not adequate, purchase OEM nozzles from a distributor.

Some water tower nozzles that are on the market are designed to block mineral deposits and may be constructed of PVC, glass, or ceramic. The water supply should be turned off prior to replacing the nozzles. After replacing the faulty nozzles, set up monthly or bi-monthly inspections. Inspections will help you identify water flow issues, which will allow you to make adjustments or repairs in a timely manner.

Fill Media Damage Or Inconsistencies

The fluted material that encompasses the space underneath the nozzles is known as the fill media or decking. This film-like material contains a series of fluted panels. The fluting aids in collecting water and air. As the two components come into contact with one another, evaporation occurs. Fill media may have a warped or sagging appearance. If you notice an inconsistency like this, it is may be due to too much water being applied to a media panel.

Excessive heat and age can also contribute to the breakdown of fill media materials. Increased energy use is another sign that damage is present and that fill media sections need to be replaced. A support grid is used to contain the media fills. This piece will need to be removed when damaged fill panels are going to be replaced. Fill panels can be purchased from a supplier that sells parts for cooling towers.

The installation of fill media sections should only be conducted when a cooling tower is not actively being operated. If the size of the tower on your property is large or if you do not have anyone trained to replace the fill media, hiring a technician will be necessary. Inspect the new fill media sections on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Contact a company that sells cooling tower products to learn more.